We have two types of docks, roll-in and sectional. Roll-ins are on wheels and sectionals get carried in.

To determine what type of dock will work best for you there are a few things that factor into that. Will I be able to pull the dock out of the water and have a place to store it? Is there a steep hill or is there a bank you need to get over to remove the dock from the water? Depending on the length of the dock a hill is not necessarily a problem as long as there is an open space to put it.

If you have no space to put a roll in dock then a sectional dock is your answer. They stack up on each other and can be stored in a very small area. They are very lightweight and easy to handle.

Deciding Vertical VS Cantilever boat lifts depends on water depth and fluctuation of water. Vertical boat lifts are more adaptable to water fluctuation and have more accessories available. Vertical boat lifts also have larger lifting capacities.