Boat Lifts

Pontoon & Boat Lifts

We carry a full line of boat and pontoon lifts ranging from 600 – 5000 lbs lifting capacity. We have in stock both boat and pontoon cantilever and vertical lift systems. All of our vertical and cantilever lift systems are equipped with stainless steel cables which will not rust when exposed to the elements. Right down to every detail in craftsman ship, our Vertical and cantilever Lifts are hands down top quality! When you buy a vertical or cantilever lift for your boat or pontoon you want to know it will be safe! So buying from Custom Portable Docks and Lifts, your not just buying a lift for your boat, you are also getting Peace at mind.Lifts are sold completely assembled. Having your lift assembled right the first time can save you many hours of frustrating work. We strongly suggest looking into getting a Canopy for your Lift as well. Our canopy frames are all aluminum and well made. We carry a cover made out of Harbor Time Fabric that is strong and easy to handle. This will protect your boat or pontoon from the weather and the sun.